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In this chapter we will get to see a bunch of different alternate realities. How the Fairy's being run in different universes. Each have their own different beliefs and creators.

I'd like to thank Sweetnightingale for Ella Principal and the mention of Calista.  In my world there's a goddess Gia, but in her's it's Calista..

We're also going run into a few very odd alternate universes like one where both the Fae and Werewolves are sibling races made by Felix/Kai.  Another were Delilah is Queen of the pixies/fairies. A few other interesting ones to boot. I shouldn't give it all away here but yes we're going into the multiverse where everything that can happen does happen! Though yes, I will be describing each universe some detail. So it's an extra long chapter. I hope you don't mind.

We won't see the Ethan and Gia we know, in this chapter but I hope you enjoy it anyway.  Why do I feel like I am taking a gamble with this little meeting here? Hmm.  It is a bit of a sit up for Flynn's generation as we will be dealing with this sorta of thing... 

Warning- There's some rough language at the end of this chapter. There's also mentions of death.

Once every one hundred years there is a great meeting between Fairy Kings and Queens from across several different universes.  This century the meeting is being held in Queen Fayla's reality. 

It's hard for her to believe a century has passed already. It only seemed like yesterday when Cedrick was at her side with baby Gia at the last meeting. Of course this time they have a little more pressing issues. The Destroyer of  universes trapped in a cell below. As he is guilty of targeting all of their universes they need to discuss how best to bring this man to justice. 

Who knew the Destroyer was one of the Fae?

Her own issues the impending possible war with the blue elves is going to be sat aside for right now. Though truth be told she hasn't heard a word from Leif or any blue elf. 

Things have been quiet prehaps a little too quite.

Where her daughter Gia is right now, she feels she is safe for the moment.  Where she's at she has no clue but the less she knows the better. There's spies everywhere after all.  But her feelings can't be wrong her daughter is okay wherever she may.

Fayla snapped out of her thoughts when the first arrival came.

The first one to show up to this meeting was Queen Ella Principal. 


 The daughter of Cupid and the former fairy queen Emmaline in her own universe.  Fayla, remembers the last meeting Ella was here with her mother Emmaline who was queen at the time but this time she's here on her own.

 In Ella's universe the fairies were created by a goddess named Calista.  While in Fayla's the Fae were created by a goddess named Gia. 

Also Ella well before being Queen ran a ship, a love ship. Where she matched up people with their soulmates. She's a kind and caring soul always looking out for the well being of others.

Despite the difference in universes the two fairies were friends regardless.

 They pulled one another into a friendly hug. 

"It's good to see you again my friend.. I just wish the circumstances were better."

"As do I. Tell Crystal and the boys I send my best wishes."

"I will."

The next arrival was unusual now you would think in every universe the Fae would ran be ran by well the Fae.

Not in this next universe. 

The Black wolf was the next to appear. In most every other universe The Black Wolf is known as the protector of wolfs. However the universe this Black wolf is from. The Fairies were created by Felix the man Kai the Great Alpha was before flipping into his dark rage and changing his identity. 


To be completely honest this is the oddest universe Fayla has ever seen.  His universe had a completely different history. There were no such thing as Cats at all  not domesticated or otherwise.  Wolf's were still living on their home world as well as earth and the Great Alpha left the oldest of his triplets in charge of both the Fae and the wolfs. 

Because of this major change history the Fae were not a fun loving race at all. They were fighters rather then lovers of nature. During a full moon a fairy in this universe would go into a complete rage and start rampaging. Just like a wolf.  They inherited their creator's temper and as he went berserk so did they.

They were never at war ever.. all the other races to afraid to pick on wolfs or fairies.  Vampires were the greatest allies of both races.

So odd so weird. 

"So how's your wife and daughter Starla?" Fayla smiled kindly at him asked.

"They're both well.. The wife is excepting again. But as soon we behead the Destroyer the sooner I can get home to my own reality."

"Heh, Black you know his punishment will be left to a vote. Congratulations on your newest child."

"Thank you for the congratulations.. Well I know one other leader who will agree with beheading him."

The Black wolf said as he took the chair at the table waiting for the others. 

Funny he mentioned the one other leader who will agree with the death sentence was the next one in the room.

As Fayla always had a great respect for the Burnbright family. After-all, they came over to Fayla's universe to help save this universe from a dystopian future. 

However the universe this version of Delilah Holman was from paints a darker picture for them. Ever wonder what would've happened if Naria and the rest of the purple Pixies took over fairy-world? If there was no pirate queen and Ethan sr got reincarnated as well as Delilah.

 Well here's your answer.

In this universe Naria got she wanted. She was Queen of the Fairys and Pixies, she wanted a super child so she successfully brainwashed her own son and Cecelia into marrying each other to get such a child. 

When Delilah was born in this reality things took a turn for the worse. As Naria got what she wanted she was done with Cecelia and Elliot. Cecelia went crazy one day to find blood on her own hands and Pal dead on the floor.

 Cecelia in her own grief she took the gun to her own head and committed suicide.  Little did Cecelia knew that Naria was the one pulling the strings as she used Voo-doo to make Cecelia kill the love of her life. Was she done? Oh, no..

She poisoned Elliot. He did his duty he provided her with a grandchild more powerful then all of them.  Elliot had a slow and painful death here.  How dare he protest anything she had planned to start with.

When Delilah reached her sixteenth birthday she learned the truth behind her parents death. Oh, she wasn't about to let her "Dearest" Grandmother get away with it. She used her own magic and made every ghost that Naria was responsible for killing rise from the grave and have them gain up on her kill her slowly and painfully. What damage could Naria do to a ghost? Then once they were done killing her the remaining spirits dragged Naria's soul to hell.

Delilah sat there and watched her evil grandmother die. NOBODY misses with her family and gets away with it. Yes, Delilah may have had black wings that represented her evil nature but all the Fae could see there's a golden ring around that black soul.  While she was evil in nature she'd always pull threw and do the right thing anyway. She was in full control of it. The Fae and Pixies had a new and better Queen after that. A Queen who kept care of them and there was once again a senate so certain laws can be voted in for the people and by the people.

"So how is Ethan and the children?"

"Ethan is well everyday is like a honeymoon. The children, well Jr is getting married to a wonderful Blue elf named Gia. They just had a baby boy. Elton and Andrea are now married. Elliot and Amber are excepting. The twins Elsa and Elaine are studying in England. Elvis is now a child and little Emily said her first word.. finally one of the kids said mama first. Brighter days are here for my family. " She smiled.. "Lord knows, we needed it... after everything-"  Fayla hugged her. 

"I know the past was rough for you."

Fayla paused and looked at her oddly.. she couldn't possibly mean a counterpart to her daughter? Could she?

"Is he marrying a Gia Gardens?"

"Yes in my universe your daughter is marrying my son."

 Fayla knows in her own universe things went very differently for the Burnbright family. Delilah is a witch not a pixie for starters. But still Ethan Burnbright was a rising star could Gia be possibly be with him? Not all universes are the same but.. it's very possible.

"Thank you for the bit of information.." Fayla watched as Delilah took her seat waiting for the next ruler to appear. 

Now she was face to face with the one person she envied the most herself.  This particular Fayla is Cedrick's one and only wife.  As she met her husband years earlier. 

Oddly enough Leif wasn't her step-son in this universe. She actually gave birth to twins Gia and Leif.  Everything was the perfect life for Queen Fayla here.  Gia and Leif were the best of friends, her husband alive and well. No loneliness at all. 

Weird if she had met Cedrick ten or fifteen years earlier she wouldn't be worried for her daughters life right now and her beloved husband would still be alive. How unfair.. but that's the multiverse for you everything that can happen, does happen and will happen. Why did this Fayla get be to the lucky one is beyond her understanding however.

"So um, hows Cedrick and the twins?"  She felt so odd talking to herself.

"Everything is great. Leif is now excepting his second child with his wife. Gia  is planning a wedding to be married to a wonderful warlock named Ethan Burnbright-"

"How great.." She said with a sigh a sting of jealously and awkwardness went threw her but she can control it.  Two out of two universes so far Gia's counterparts are with this Ethan.  The odds of her Gia being with him is now even greater here. 

The other Fayla looked down to the ground understanding completely how her counterpart feels. "I know how you-"

"It's fine really... please don't."

"You sure?"


The next ruler to arrive came from one the uptight universes ever.

King Albert Chadwick was the next to appear.

In King Albert's universe the fairies were created by a god named Cyrus. He was a uptight god who demanded all fairies stay celibate for the first one hundred years of life. If you were caught deflowering a young maiden before the one hundred years is up you either marry her till death do you part or be castrated.   
Your choice. 

Only fairies can marry fairies in this universe. If you caught with anyone else it's life in prison. Fayla knew Albert was trying to get some of these laws revised or even changed in his universe but no luck so far.

Albert had a very rough life with abusive parents who are now dead, the love of his life is a vampire whom he wouldn't dare talk to out of fear of the law nobody not even royalty was above. 

Even Ella and Fayla has tried to help him threw multiple talks with his council threw the universal supercomputer.  Nothing can make his government budge. Such a shame but hope still isn't lost on his universe just yet.

"Albert dear friend.." She pulled him into a hug. "You know the offer to change universes is still here if you should take it. Myself in this universe or Ella in her own will always welcome you-"

"No, I have a responsibility back there." 

Fayla sighed, "I understand.. but if you ever change your mind the offer is there." She really wished Albert would just take either offer. It kills her to see him so lonely.

The final arrival is a fairy Queen in a universe where Fairies have things pretty easy going there known for being a bunch of hopeless romantics.  In their universe fairies were created by a goddess who went by the named of Venus, yes the mother of Cupid.  

This universe only real trouble for this race was with the fairy mafia who have their eyes on the big prize.

 But thankfully their law enforcement is very well adept.  Most of these people intent of trying to kill the queen are now in prison though are few more gangsters out there waiting and lurking for their time to strike. 

Queen Priscilla is fairly confident the last of them will be brought down very soon. She also the oddest queen despite multiple attempts on her life she has always kept a smile on her face.  She never let no-one or anybody get in her way of happiness. 

Her last marriage was something horrible though as her husband to be try to kill her on their wedding night. After her annulment and her now her ex-husband put away in prison for life. She threw a "Dodge A bullet" party. It was the party of the year. She did hire a lot of male entertainment for the occasion.  She'll be damned if any man was going to make her sad.

She now looks for love, real and true love. Maybe after they decide to throw the Destroyer of universes in a prison cell for life. Perhaps Ella can take her aboard her love ship? Who better to ask then a daughter of Cupid.

"Hello Priscilla.. How's the husband search going?"

"Not so well... most guys don't share my interest or they're after the throne. " Priscilla looked up and sighed, "It's lonely at the top."

"I am sure you'll find the right guy if not there is Ella's ship. Or, there's that television show the younger generation is constantly going on."

"Haha, a Queen on "The One"   Well by Royal decree I could keep them all and make a harem. Nobody could stop me!" Priscilla started to grin a little, "Hmm, I wonder what that would do for the shows ratings."

Fayla laughed.. "You tell good jokes."

"Who was joking?"

"Well sit on down we got a meeting to get too."

The last two sit down at the table.

Fayla began to speak.

"As it has came to our attention that destroyer of universes after a fair trial,  has been found guilty of not only destroying six other universes and the trillions of souls in those universes. Plus he's been found guilty targeting our own seven universes as well. It's been asked of us to give him a fitting punishment for his crimes. Let the voting between a death sentence or life in prison commence. Before you cast your votes ladies and gentleman I must warn you the destroyer has been found to be ageless he cannot die of old age. So make your votes wisely."

The Fayla from the happier universe spoke first.

"I say we dump him somewhere.. Like the universe of the isle of the Midnight. Nothing else in existence there but a tiny little island. He'll lose his mind there.. I think it's a fitting punishment. He made all those universes blank with nothing he should be around nothingness."

Delilah was next speak, "I disagree.. I say we give him something much worse then life or death.  We chop him apart limb by limb, skin that bastard alive and the roast him over a fire-" She saw everyone eyes getting a little wide. "I. am. not done. yet. Once  he's dead we revive his ass with ambrosia and doing it again and again and again for all eternity. But we changed it up a bit make each punishment crueler and longer then the last."

Priscilla stood up to speak... "Delilah that is cruel and unusual punishment!"

"No, it's not he killed trillions of lives Priscilla. CHILDREN were among them. Some of them belonged to your counterparts in those universes! On some level he killed what is technically our children. That bastard deserves the most painful punishment-"  Delilah got up holding her face so no one could see the tears going down her face.

She saw the footage they had of each universe the Destroyer, destroyed. Queen Delilah almost died of sadness when she saw alternate versions of her children die right on the screen. Her little Ethan, Elliot, Elsa, Elaine, Elton, Elvis, Emily.  They may have been children of her counterparts but still no matter what the universe they were in they were her kids none the less.

The purple pixie swore to herself she was going to make that bastard pay if she ever gets near him.

In those universes all died a horrible death, a painful death being ripped away by black holes.

Damn that bastard needed the worse possible punishment nobody was going to tell her otherwise.

Black wolf had a bit of a odd look on his face, "I was going to say we behead the bastard. But I like the way Delilah thinks."

"Why thank you Black.. atleast somebody agrees with me-"

Albert stood up.. "ENOUGH!"

Albert sat back down and got back his calm composer.  "Now, we can't torture the man for all eternity. If we do that's making us no better then him. All of us are here to pick life or death and that's what we're going to do."

"Let's start this again Ella?"

"While I don't quite agree with Delilah's violent methods. I do believe he deserves the death penalty after all he has a chance of escaping and killing more souls."

"Good I understand your reasoning. I myself pick life in solitary confinement."

"The Fayla who's reality we are in right now. What do you chose?"

Queen Fayla looked around the table she was going to say life in prison. But after hearing Delilah's speech about him killing children, made her reevaluate her first choice. She wanted to make sure he'll never harm another child again.  Who's to say the destroyer couldn't escape one day? How many prisons has this man already been in and escaped? No she's not going to take that chance.

"I chose death. No way should he be allowed to harm anybody ever again I think death is the only way we can stop him."

"Okay, now Priscilla."

"I am with Fayla and Ella. Death by lethal injection."

"Now Delilah-"

"I still say we should roast him over an open fire-"


"Okay fine we electrocute him again and again-"


"Fine we kill him but first put him in the room on the full moon with The Black Wolf all alone-"


"I am not talking about the Black wolf we have with us now no. I think we should grab the one Black Wolf that survived the universe being destroyed.. after all he did lose his wife, daughter, his whole bloodline. He's a complete psycho right now. I think it'd be sweet justice if-"


"Then when the wolf is done killing him, we revive him and then we let Big Louie-"

Albert looked like he was going to pull out his hair. How did Ethan Sr even put up with this woman?

The Black wolf sorta of grinned.. "I still like her thinking."

Albert twitched... 'Okay maybe all wolves have a sadistic side to them?'  Only explanation he can come up with.

"Okay so your vote will be death?"

The purple pixie sighed.. "Now I didn't say that.... but yes death-" Queen Delilah got cut off from sentence when large boom happened down below. All of them gotten up and ran down the stairs.

The Destroyer just disappeared out of his cell and a woman appeared in place. 

Each and every member of this meeting received a vision in their heads of the Destroyer, slowly, but very painfully fading out of existence.

The woman didn't move her mouth but she did speak, 'As you were deciding his fate. He was going to make yours he had a bomb that would've unleashed a thousand black holes and destroyed this universe with all of you in it.  That is what was destined to happen here today. If Fate himself would've had his way. But I got rid of the destroyer, I put a stop to that.  As all seven of you can tell you are talking a goddess yes. The name happens to be Athena. '

Priscilla began to speak.. "Are yo-"

'No I am not the one who popped out of Zeus's forehead no. '  A podium appeared out of nowhere and she began to speak louder.

"For going against Fate himself, I am going to be punished. This I know.. how?  He's going to take away a lot of my powers, immortality and freedom. I am going to be away in a lamp. Since I have saved all of you.. I have but one favor to ask from each of you and I don't have much time. Fate as you all can know is both loving and cruel."

"Ella I have no idea which universe Fate will be throwing my lamp into. But when you get home to your own reality have the ones you call Mathilda, Lenora, and Aurora Scry for my lamp. See if they can find it in your reality."

"Since you saved us all. I will do my best help you."

"I know you will."

"Fayla... erm, the one in the fur dress. I want you to ask Ethan and Delilah to do same."

"Will do."

"Black wolf, I want you to visit Albert's universe."

"What for?"

Athena, "Genies don't exist in Albert's universe so I am safe from being thrown there. But I want you to go there and scare those council member into loosen up there uptight laws. I know you can. I seen it in a vision. There's a pretty vampire out there ready for him and he needs to be with her."

The Black wolf gave Athena a look.."Is there anything in any of this for you?"

Athena looked at the Black Wolf, "No, I have done this on my own recognizance. I couldn't let Venus, Cupid, Sarafina, Kai, Emerald, Calista, Nyla the mermaid goddess, Gia, or hell even grumpy old Cyrus get punished in such a way.  Since I have never created a race of my own.. I took it upon myself to save all of you. Since I have nobody praying to me or nobody else to look out for. Then again your a Demi-god yourself  Black I couldn't let you get punished neither."

"Now to the Fayla the one who hosting all of this. I want you to do nothing about Gia."


"The less you know the better.  Gia is doing well she's in love, and you'll be a grandmother soon enough. I know your heart aches for your daughter but since now nothing going to be destroyed. The future is changing for the better. Gia is going to receive help from unlikely source. Another soul is going to be trapped in this reality for awhile you see. I can't say much else."

"Priscilla you contact three witches from your universes Scry for me and two from this reality to do the same."

"Will do Athena."

"Albert, talk to the lovely vampire Alice.. don't be afraid any longer once Black gets done talking to your council they'll do anything. Trust me-"


"Would you rather I send Queen Delilah to talk to them?"


"Then good."

"Queen Delilah, have the member of your senate who are witches Scry for me."

"I will-"

"Also I want you to go contact a woman named Ava Burnbright she lives in this universe.  She knows the Ambrosia recipe by heart and she has unlimited ingredients.  I know your heart aches for all three of your parents call on her she'll bring them back they'll be the same age they were when they died. Don't worry about the anger in their death they have made peace in the afterlife they know it was Naria who done all the wrong. They deserve a second chance."

"Thank you..."

"Thank Ava when she comes-"

With that Fate took Athena away to meet her punishment. She messed up with what was meant to happen but Athena didn't care it was for the greater good.

This goddess has never really done much in her life but she honestly feels like she has done her good this time. If it means having her immortality and freedom taken away then so be it.  This time it was worth it.

The group said there goodbye and went off their own ways to do what Athena had asked of them. They'll never forget about the goddess who gave up everything to save them.

Before Ella left Fayla handed her a present.

"Call it an early engagement gift for you and your special someone back home."

"How did you-"

"Ella I may not be related to Cupid but I know a soul in love when I see one."

"Why thank you Fayla." Ella smiled and graciously accepted the gift.


Leif was at his secret location while he couldn't find his sister anywhere. He knew who could.. who better to find his sister then another version of his sister? It was genius he can call up the most evil version of Gia that ever lived one who can sympathize with his views and help him destroy his little sister once in for all.

After all Gia herself knew where her soul would be safe away from him.

However summoning her against her own will. Is not such a brilliant idea. But then again how evil could the most evil Gia be? If worse comes to comes he could threaten her with milk. Ha! Take that logic. He doubts there's any brave version of Gia out there in the multiverse.

Oh, how Leif forgets Murphy's law.

"Who are you and why did you bring me here?"  The evil Gia squinted at the figure before her. Her eyes are still readjust to the new light she was in.  "...Leif?"

"Yes it is I your favorite brother."

The response he got out of her was not a favored one.  She nearly fell down laughing... "Brother? Yes. Favorite? Hardly, in my universe your body is rotting in a ditch somewhere on the planet Onia."


"That's what you get for chasing after me with milk big boy. I still can't believe you thought you could over throw my empire with milk. I may hate the stuff but I would never let you dominate me."

"E-E-Empire?" Leif stuttered.

"Hm, yes, let's see I rule the Fae, pixies, and Elves, I have also conquered fourteen other planets and if I wanted the earth so badly I could have it overthrown in my sleep. I have also made a deal with the Reaper as I am a immortal. So what have you done with your pathetic life?"

Leif stood there wide eyed... "Come in with me we need to speak."

"I need to get back home now if you give me the codes to this little device right here, I'll be on my way. I have a husband and a little boy waiting."

"NO!" Leif stamped his foot, "I won't give you the codes until you hear me out."

She sighed and growled.. "Fine but you better make it fast."

Leif sat down with the evil version of Gia and told her his situation. How he has wanted his sister dead for years and now that has a good reason to execute her she's gone.

"So let me get this straight.. you spend your whole time terrorizing the blue elves and imprisoning your sister. Wishing her dead for stealing your daddy's attention."

"YES! You understand."

"Yeah, that you're crazy."

This conversation was not going how he hoped.

"Okay Leif three tips on how to improve your pathetic life and then I am getting those codes out of you one way or the other,"  She stood up, "One. He loved you both equally get the hell over it.  Two. When you rule over people. You don't for the life of you terrorize them. That's a no, no, you want your followers to actually like being under your rule you even have them grow to love you. Wanna know why my empire is so successful? I have had my scientist work hard to cure diseases, poverty is eliminated, and we have strong school programs for the young. You have to have happy citizens or else you get riots. I keep those who live under my rule very happy, they have freedoms. As to where you take away Blue elves for execution for looking at you funny. Stupid move Leif.  Yes I maybe evil but I know how to do things smartly. Tip three leave the other me alone or I'll throw you in a prison cell with three Big Louie's."

"Well for that," Leif took a piece of paper put in his mouth and swallowed it.  "Those were the codes Gia you're stuck here. Until you kill the other version of yourself."

"Give me those codes!" She started to slap him like crazy.


"Leif if people looked up the word moron in the dictionary they'd find your picture next to it. No manner... I'll find my own way out."

"You won't leave!"

Evil Gia won the fight. Why isn't the writer surprised?

"I am threw with you."  Gia worked for three hours the device and she wasn't getting nowhere without that code. Thankfully phone calls still go threw from universe to universe.

"Hello Ethan darling... Keep care of the Empire and Flynn."

"What happened?"  The darker version of Ethan wanted to know what the hell just happened to his wife.

"Some moronic version of my brother summoned me to this horrible universe where I am sorta of coward and you're a rock star in the making. "

There was laughtered on the other end.. "You afraid?"

"Weird huh? Also get our best workers on finding the code to our universe we have more then few brilliant mind who can get it solved in no time."

"Will do.."

"Since this jerk version of Leif won't give me back the codes. I am going to help out someone in this universe. You see he needs to go down.. but instead of me giving him his just deserts. I think the other version of me the wimpy one needs to dish it out to him."

"Give him hell dear."

"Oh, she will nobody picks on any verison of me and gets away with it. Tell Flynn his mommy loves him and will be back soon."

"I will Gia... I love you darling come back soon."

"I'll be back as soon as can. I love you to dear."

To be continued..


Athena will be playing a bigger part in the next generation she'll be a genie next time we see her. But I figure I give out her back story a generation earlier. I really enjoyed this chapter as we have different universes how things could've went down for the Fae in each universe. The Destroyer of universes is now gone, however there have been a handful of people who have escaped his wrath. This honestly in my opinion opens up new avenues for other character ideas.

As for Queen Delilah wanted to skin alive and chop up the destroyer... she seen other versions of her babies die due to that monster of course she wanted him dead as painfully as possible. She sees any child that came out of Delilah as her's and nobody messes with her kids! In any universe.

Ava will help bring back the Cecelia, Pal, and Elliot that died really young in that universe. I figure they deserve another chance after things ended so horribly there.

I think the Black wolf will be scary enough to help out Albert in his time of need honestly LOL..

The evil Gia will play a role in helping out her other self. She maybe evil but she may or may not have a ring of gold around it I don't know lol.  However she will never let another versions of herself suffer. All Gia's have to stay together LOL.. Gia power! Sorta of speak.  Oh and as you can see Gia and Ethan do get together an awful alot in the multiverse but then again we also heard a mention of a Andrea married to a Prince Elton lol.

I hope you all like this and hopefully you don't hate it. Thank you all for reading.


  1. Oh wowza! Gosh, you had a LOT, and I mean A LOT happening here. I love exploring alternate realities and you did an awesome job with this hard task. I loved every minute of it and was laughing so hard when Delilah kept insisting on violent deaths for the Destroyer of Universes. And the Big Louie reference...OMG, I nearly choked on my coffee, I was laughing so hard.

    Let me know if you ever need Calista. All you need do is ask and I'll upload her. Also, I have an Ariadne, Goddess of Witches in my studio if you're ever in need of her.

    Looking forward to seeing more of Athena and seeing what Evil Gia gets up to.

    1. LOL, yeah I had alot going on here. Hm, I might need to do a god/goddess crossover one day who knows. We'll see her when Flynn's older and Evil Gia well she's going to help herself out lol.. or atleast try. Thanks for reading.

  2. You did have a lot going on her and I am a bit sad to see Delilah so evil and killing her family even if it is in another universe. This destroyer is he completely gone or is he walking around alive in one of these universes? I'm hoping that Evil Gia stays where she is and doesn't come around to the other universe as I like the one you already have there. It was so sweet to see her dancing while Ethan was playing his music. I guess we will see and learn more about Athena too.

    1. Well unless I made huge typing error. It WASN'T Delilah that killed her parents it was Naria the grandmother that raised her who killed off her parents to raise her. Delilah just let all those ghost get rid of Naria. She saw other versions of her children die by the hands of the destroyer of universes. It's kinda of rough for any parent watching that footage as I can imagine. As for Evil Gia she's going to offer herself help against her brother. But she'd never harm/corrupt her other self as we are all going to see soon. We'll learn more about Athena as Flynn is older. Thanks for reading. : )

    2. No no you did do it correctly its just that Delilah is a favorite character of mine and Gia is working her way into my heart so it saddens me to see another version of them that is evil. I will hate these dopplegangers as much as I hate the first set you used, Arnie and I can't remember Agatha mother's name. I do get what you were doing.

  3. Oh wow. I should have taken notes on this. LOL How did you manage to keep that all straight? Multi-universes that all come together.

    I'm glad the Destroyer is gone because Athena stepped in. He was going to take them all out. I had to laugh at Dehlia and her ways to make him suffer. hahaha She had me cracking up. And Kai, with him liking how she thinks. Let's hope those two never hook up in any universe! Talk about a power couple of epic proportions. hahaha

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    Leif wasn't very smart to bring the evil Gia there. Um how in the hell did he think that she would be okay with killing herself??? Should be fun to watch the two Gias team up against him.

    1. Yeah, the Destroyer is now gone he was going to, thankfully Athena stepped in. Some of these universes have existed in my mind for awhile now so it's easier on me lol. Well the Black wolf paired with Delilah would make a power couple XD. Oh, lord I can only picture how the children would come out LOL. Super powerful children who would never disobey either parent I am sure. Athena will be found by someone worthy. I am sure. Leif thought an evil version of Gia would be sickened by a good version of herself. He is following the wrong logic though. In fact if anything the Empress Gia wants to keep Princess Gia as nice as she is. At the same time she wants her nice self to put Leif in his place. We will be seeing why later. Thanks for reading.

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